Case Olga

At the beginning of her work, Olya (name changed) came to work for us from another online studio, in which she was not taught anything and she was "on her own". Online administrators answered only on the technical side and then not always. After the first interview with the model, the system administrator selected new equipment and began preparing for work. At the first trainings with the model development administrator, several reasons were revealed why she did not earn money at the last studio, her main fears and desires, and a site suitable for her work was selected.
The "Girl next door" strategy was chosen with the model, a kind of sweet girlfriend, sometimes more shy, but if you talk to her well, she will be a best friend without hesitation. This scheme is ideally suited both for the psychotype of the model and for appearance. During the Trial Period, the moments were worked out with the fact that the model was chasing everything at once, did not know where to better direct her energy at work. It turned out very quickly to work with the administrator and achieve even greater results.
At the moment, the model works on two sites, there are plans to connect a third and a platform for selling traffic. Due to the close-knit work of the administrator and the model, at the moment Olya (name changed) earns an average of $ 2500-3000 per period (15 calendar days).
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